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China must move beyond ‘greening’ Belt and Road

Date: Sep 30 2017
1888PressRelease - New report provides recommendations for Energy Infrastructure in China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), aligning action with priorities of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for regional security and prosperity. London : Earth Security Group has today launched a CEO ...Read More »

Fair conditions for ASEAN electronics workers necessary for industry growth

Date: Sep 29 2017
1888PressRelease - CEO briefing for consumer electronics in South East Asia launched by Earth Security Group to point electronics companies, financial institutions and policymakers in the right direction to align regional growth with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). London : Earth ...Read More »

Indian pharmaceuticals must lead the fight against antibiotic resistance

Date: Sep 29 2017
1888PressRelease - Priorities for Pharmaceutical companies and policymakers for growth in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). London : Earth Security Group has today launched a CEO Briefing for pharmaceuticals in India. It provides pharmaceutical companies and policymakers with ...Read More »

Ford unleashes an outrageous $94,000 pickup truck

Date: Sep 28 2017
Ford debuted the F-Series Super Duty Limited pickup truck Thursday at the State Fair of Texas, which often attracts introductions of trucks and SUVs. Read More »

Coffee brands must influence consumer demand for shade grown coffee

Date: Sep 28 2017
1888PressRelease - Aligning Coffee Production with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). London : Earth Security Group has today launched a CEO Briefing for Agri-Business in Latin America focussing on Coffee Production, providing coffee companies, farmers, retailers and policy makers a vi ...Read More »

Consecutus Capital Announce Their Quarter 3 Figures Have Beaten Their Estimate By 13%

Date: Sep 28 2017
1888PressRelease - Consecutus Capital's quarter 3 figures easily surpass their expected estimates by 13%, quarter 4 figures now being upwardly adjusted. Consecutus Capital have recently announced that their quarter 3 figures have beaten their estimate by the considerable margin of 13%. The ...Read More »

With Hugh Hefner gone, here's the future for the Playboy Mansion

Date: Sep 28 2017
The famed Los Angeles property was sold in 2016 for $100 million to a scion of the family that Read More »

4 big tax breaks you may lose under GOP tax plan

Date: Sep 28 2017
Only deductions for mortgage interest and charitable donations are protected under the GOP tax plan. Doubling the standard deduction may help soften the sting. Read More »

Are NFL player protests 'massively, massively' hurting TV ratings?

Date: Sep 26 2017
Yes, ratings and TV stocks are down as player protests have spread. But a direct link between the two is fraught with contradictions. Read More »

Brief Relief Personal Lavatory Systems Utilized to Aid Hurricane Relief Workers and Address Health Hazards from Human Waste

Date: Sep 26 2017
1888PressRelease - In storms’ aftermath, portable, landfill-safe disposable bathroom solutions give utility workers, first responders and volunteer organizations access to hygienic sanitation facilities that contain waste. ESCONDIDO, Calif. – Lack of access to functioning bathroom facilities in areas affected by the ...Read More »